[GGWN] Re-sending GGWN Mandate - please read and then join the Skype meeting

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Tue Nov 1 11:31:48 UTC 2016

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Merja Kähkönen <merjakah at gmail.com> kirjoitti 18.10.2016 kello 18.55:

Dear Women's Network,

Although the GGWN is listed on the GG Website as a Network
<https://www.globalgreens.org/networks>, the Global Greens Coordination has
not yet formally authorised any of the Networks according to the
requirements established in the GG Rules Sec. 5.2

The rules require the Networks to produce a written mandate which then
needs to be agreed to by the GGC.

Here is a draft of our mandate.

Please review it and let me know if any revisions are needed.

The mandate will be decided on in the GGC meeting either on 19th October or
2nd November.

Thanks for your feedback.


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